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Suggestopedic courses create an environment in which the learners are immersed in the language and its expressions in different contexts, in order to gain an understanding of their meaning and use. Unlike many modern methods, translation is also used; all the resources and knowledge of the person are actively utilised.


Suggestopedic courses are aimed at communication skills. Our practice proves that this is the best method to overcome the fear of error, break down the language barrier and build confidence in communication.


The courses are organised in such a way that the students are presented with a large volume of material, from day one, which is then repeatedly increased. Over the following days, the ability to read and understand develops quickly and naturally. 


At the initial level, writing is not a priority, because the method follows the natural course of how we learn to speak. Writing is systematically introduced at the second suggestopedic level (A2 – B1 of the European framework) once listening, reading and understanding are well absorbed.

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