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Prof. Dr Georgi Lozanov


Professor Doctor Georgi Lozanov, (1926-2012) M. D. was a Bulgarian psychiatrist – psychotherapist, brain physiologist and an educator. He is the creator of the science of Suggestology and its application in pedagogy – Suggestopedia. This method was initially designed in 1966 for teaching and learning foreign languages and was later extended onto other subjects. It is a method that works on the level of the reserve capacities of the brain/psyche.

In 1970 Suggestopedic Foreign Language Teaching was recognised as a psycho-therapeutic method. In 1978, this methodology was officially observed by a commission of 25 experts from UNESCO. It was evaluated as a superior teaching method and recommended for application all over the world.

Professor Lozanov had also worked as a brain researcher at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He was the leading scientist and director of the State Research Institute of Suggestology in Sofia, Bulgaria as well as professor at the Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski” and director of the Centre of Suggestology and Development of Personality at the same university. In the 1990s he led the Institute of Desuggestology in Viktorsberg, Austria.

Professor Lozanov was a visiting lecturer at a number of universities, institutes and organisations in Europe, Asia and America. He trained teachers, physicians, psychologists, managers and students from all over the world. Dr G. Lozanov and Dr E. Gateva-Hinkova supported the activities of many suggestopedagogical centres in the world. In their last years, they worked mostly in Austria (Viktorsberg and Vienna) before returning to Bulgaria. In 2010, Prof Lozanov founded the Prof. Dr Georgi Lozanov and Prof. Dr Evelina Gateva Foundation in Bulgaria.

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