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About the Methodology

The Full Story

Suggestopedia is a teaching-learning methodology created by a Bulgarian Prof. Dr Georgi Lozanov, neuropsychiatrist, psychotherapist and pedagogue. More than 50 years ago, he committed himself to researching the potential abilities of the person and their accelerated and harmonious development. The methodology then took its final form with the contribution of the linguist, researcher in music pedagogy and creator of suggestopedic art, Prof. Dr Evelina Gateva.

The discovery and activation of these hidden reserves led to immensely faster and more efficient learning (3 to 5 times better and easier than traditional methods), as well as retention of the acquired knowledge.


Applied to language learning, various means of joyful and healthy communication are used to reach and activate the hidden reserves. At the heart of the methodology are the active and passive concert sessions, in which the lessons are read in a specific way with classical music. The methodology also incorporates various role plays and interactive language teaching approaches and enriches it with songs, poetry and reproductions of classical paintings.

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